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  • TheCuteDolphin

    They said, it ONLY aired on Canada, but i FOUND a video! According to the episode, Jake's Crimial Gang returns! And those Lettuce Dudes look like Lemongrab! Oh yeah, and Jake Jr. never changed appearance, only age.

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  • TheCuteDolphin

    I found this picture of me-mow with a sack, and it said that it will be on vault of bones episode.

    Look closely if it's fan made or real preview screenshot.

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  • TheCuteDolphin

    HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:


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  • TheCuteDolphin

    Episode Maker

    January 11, 2013 by TheCuteDolphin

    Make your onw adventure time episode now! 

    Title: Jerk Love

    Short Summary: Finn and Jake helps Magic Man find Death and ask him to revive Margles back.

    • Finn 
    • Jake
    • Magic Man

    • Glob
    • Death
    • Skeletons
    • Snail
    • Tree Trunks
    • Candy People
    • PB

    Plot: At the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake we're playing Beemo, when suddenly Magic Man breaks through the wall, Finn is extremely mad, then Magic Man said that he wasn't being jerky anymore, he wan't them to help him find the dead body of Margles and Bring him to Death, so Finn agrees, they journey to the whole land of ooo, only finding skeletons, skulls, and worms, then they decided to go to mars and as Glob to track Margles down, they suceed in finding margles, after they go the Candy Kingdom, asking Peppermint Butler to open the …

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  • TheCuteDolphin

    Look at this the game "Pet Society" has an ADVENTURE TIME THEME!!!!!!!

    (Pet Society is a facebook game)

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