Make your onw adventure time episode now! 

Here's Mine:

Title: Jerk Love

Short Summary: Finn and Jake helps Magic Man find Death and ask him to revive Margles back.

Major Characters:

  • Finn 
  • Jake
  • Magic Man

Minor Characters:

  • Glob
  • Death
  • Skeletons
  • Snail
  • Tree Trunks
  • Candy People
  • PB

Plot: At the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake we're playing Beemo, when suddenly Magic Man breaks through the wall, Finn is extremely mad, then Magic Man said that he wasn't being jerky anymore, he wan't them to help him find the dead body of Margles and Bring him to Death, so Finn agrees, they journey to the whole land of ooo, only finding skeletons, skulls, and worms, then they decided to go to mars and as Glob to track Margles down, they suceed in finding margles, after they go the Candy Kingdom, asking Peppermint Butler to open the portal, after Finn forgot that it's Death Day in the Land of the Dead, so they try to go Death, being unseen, but they are still seen, Skeletons try to attack them, but Magic Man cast a spell that got rid of the skeletons, they finally reached Death, and ask him to revive dead margles, but denies, because he wants to challenge Magic Man in a musical battle, so magic man picked every instument, and played it all, With Finn and Jake as the judges, they said it was amazing, so Death revived margles, as wells as teleported them back at the tree fort, and magic man said he won't be jerky anymore.