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  • TheDiceQueen

    Fruit or Vegetable?

    August 2, 2012 by TheDiceQueen

    I bet you can already guess what this blog is about.



    Okay, you're right. It's about tomatoes. Just a few minutes ago, I ended up starting an argument in the chat about... tomatoes.

    The IceQueen: Tomatoes= fruit.

    Flippenawesomefinn: no tomatoes vegetable

    RandomKitten: What? No flippen...

    The IceQueen: Nein. Tomatoes = fruit

    Marcelinee: for me tomato is an vegetable xD

    AwesomeFelix: Tomato is a fruiiiit

    Marcelinee: but i guess im not right

    Flippenawesomefinn: its a fruit at the begining but when you harvest its vegetable

    The IceQueen: Fruit = has seeds Tomatoes = has seeds Tomatoes = fruit

    Freekingamer: to me tomatos are both

    Flippenawesomefinn: mai house grew tomatoes i know wut im talking about

    Flippenawesomefinn: my teacher said so

    The IceQue…

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  • TheDiceQueen

    LOL. I made this song into something horrible.

    Mambo Number 5 (A Little Bit of....)

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo No 5
    One, two, three four, five
    Everybody in the car so come on let's ride
    To the bar around the corner,
    The boys say they want some beer and juice
    But I really don't wanna
    Beerbust like I had last week
    I must stay deep 'cause talk is a cheap
    I like Saber, Dame, VKO, and Nihi
    And as I continue you know they're gettin' sweeter
    So what can I do I really beg you my friends
    To me flirtin' it's just like a sport
    Anything fly it's all good let me dump it
    Please set in the trumpet
    Mambo No. 5!
    A little bit of VKO in my life
    A little bit of Dame by my side
    A little bit of Nihi is all I need
    A little bit of Sdaerf is what I see
    A little bit of Sparda …

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