I bet you can already guess what this blog is about.



Okay, you're right. It's about tomatoes. Just a few minutes ago, I ended up starting an argument in the chat about... tomatoes.

The IceQueen: Tomatoes= fruit.

Flippenawesomefinn: no tomatoes vegetable

RandomKitten: What? No flippen...

The IceQueen: Nein. Tomatoes = fruit

Marcelinee: for me tomato is an vegetable xD

AwesomeFelix: Tomato is a fruiiiit

Marcelinee: but i guess im not right

Flippenawesomefinn: its a fruit at the begining but when you harvest its vegetable

The IceQueen: Fruit = has seeds Tomatoes = has seeds Tomatoes = fruit

Freekingamer: to me tomatos are both

Flippenawesomefinn: mai house grew tomatoes i know wut im talking about

Flippenawesomefinn: my teacher said so

The IceQueen: *facepalm* Growing tomatoes doesn't mean you know...

Beemo143: well, I think that tomatoes should be a veggie, but I looked it up, its a fruit

The IceQueen: And teachers aren't right all of the time.

Flippenawesomefinn: *facehoof yes it does

Flippenawesomefinn: i asked 10 teachers literally

The IceQueen: YAH RIGHT.

Flippenawesomefinn: and they have their masters degree in science and science junk

The IceQueen: Flippen, stop acting like you know everything.

Flippenawesomefinn: (\

The IceQueen: Face the facts and understand that you're wrong.

Flippenawesomefinn: nope

Flippenawesomefinn: im rightand your wrong

The IceQueen: Now I know why Sky hates the chat so much...

Flippenawesomefinn: just look it up

The IceQueen: LOOK IT UP!?!

The IceQueen: *Facepalm*

The IceQueen: Okay. I will. Hold on

Flippenawesomefinn: in the early stage of devolment it is a fruit

Marcelinee: people you are argue about tomatoes

Marcelinee: think in that.

Beemo143: baby tomatoes are fruits???

The IceQueen:

The IceQueen: Fruit.

Perrystar2272: VEGETABLE D:< __________________________________ Ignorance is bliss. __________________________________ Wikipedia, first paragraph: Botanically, a tomato is a fruit: the ovary, together with its seeds, of a flowering plant. However, the tomato has a much lower sugar content than other fruits, and is therefore not as sweet. Typically served as part of a salad or main course of a meal, rather than at dessert, it is considered a vegetable for most culinary uses. One exception is that tomatoes are treated as a fruit in home canning practices: they are acidic enough to be processed in a water bath rather than a pressure cooker as vegetables would require. Tomatoes are not the only food source with this ambiguity: avocadoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and squashes of all kinds (such as zucchini and pumpkins) are all botanically fruits, yet cooked as vegetables.