OK, Fubblegum-supporters? Why, oh why, does anyone admire this relationship?

1. PB is 18 and Finn is 14. That is illegal and it'd be stupid if Adventure Time supported a pedophile-relationship. Flame Princess is Finn's age.

2. PB doesn't wanna be with Finn. Flame Princess and Finn want to be together.

3. Finn kind of hates PB now. PB got Finn ticked when she didn't want him to be happy. Which brings us to our next reason...

4. ...PB doesn't want Finn to be happy. What a noob.

5. PB's character is getting stale.

6. PB isn't even a good friend to Finn.

7. Finn is willing to die for FP, not for stupid PB.

8. PB sucks in my opinion.