OK, guys, JordanPowers is back again! POW POW! I love Adventure Time, and even as a boy, I get caught up in the couples on the show and find it hillarious and sweet. But today, I want to state my opinions on a controversial topic: Bubbline.

For any newbies who have no knowledge of shippings, Bubbline is the Lesbian shipping between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. It is very controversial because there have been signs of a possible liking between the two, and it's unknown if Adventure Time or Cartoon Network would allow two main characters to be Lesbian.

But honestly, I think it'd be a great move on AD and CN's part.

The age group for Adventure Time, I'm predicting, is 5-14. Yes, widespread, but I believe teens and young children alike find the show funny and enjoyable as it shows funny material for both age groups.

Now, imagine a homosexual couple in the mix. Some people think that it'd be attrocious to show homosexuality on a children's TV program. But, come on, guys! Homosexuals are equals, and we should be allowed to have openly lesbian characters on a kid's cartoon show. It'd actually help kids gain a better understanding of gay people and realize that they are the same as you and I.

This would be a great thing for Cartoon Network, and I think Bubbline would be a great thing. Let me hear your point of view on Bubbline!