Good evening, my lovelies. I am here to discuss the quality of recent Adventure Time. I feel that it is, how do I say this,....lacking. It seems that the recent adventures haven't been the same brisk, random adventures of the first two seasons. It seems that as the season goes on, the more and more I am disappointed. Everyone acts like "Oh, I wonder what season 10 is going to be like." and I'm like "I hope we get to see season 6." I finding it harder and harder to watch every week. I mean, they kinda ripped us off with the ending of that special. I was all like "The shows going to be super different after this episode." Then jake made his wish and I was like "What the heck was that? He just wished it back to normal." They built it up that some, big drastic event, and he just wished for it to be normal again. What the heck kind of ending is that?