Well if you're like me and you've seen the recent episode of Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake: The Prince who Wanted Everything, then you're probably thinking about the three points of view of Fiona and Cake. First there was Ice King's, which he seems to have written based off of his loneliness and even though it was based of his sadness, that was what actually made many of the people of Ooo hate Ice King's stories. One of his stories in Bad Little Boy was even called "A new form of torture" by Wildberry Princes, and even though all of his stories are different, they all end with a similar ending, with Fiona and Cake falling madly in love with him, making most people think that his stories are unrealistic. Then we have Marceline's story, a story that is loved by all the princesses, I believe this most likely because of the ending change. In Marceline's story it was much more entertaining and is actually said to be much more realistic compared to Ice King's story. The story starts with Fiona and Gumball, until Marshall Lee takes Gumball's baked goods, which they find when they get to the roof. That's when marceline's opinions really start to show. Fiona even calls Gumball a "Gumwad" and call's his mission's lame, but when Fiona and Marshall Lee ditch Gumball for a party we started to get mixed emotion's from Marceline, making it seem that Marshall has a crush on Fiona, even though Marceline has told Finn straight out that she doesn't like him that way. Lastly, there's LSP's story which she only wrote, so that Ice King Could bring her genderswapped version to life, who she believes is her only perfect match. This a pretty good story except for all of LSP's biases. It's hard to list all of them, but here's some of the lies in her story, one when LSP made Ice King give LSP (boy) a beautiful voice, second when LSP made her parents up as monsters, and third when she made it so that all the girls fell under LSP (boy)'s spell and fall madly in love with him. In her story, Fiona and Cake even called LSP (boy) "Your Hotness," as they went into the portal to our world which sadly didn't work. So now that you've seen the three points of view I've expressed, please write on my message wall and tell me what your favorite story is. Bye and thanks for taking the time to read my first blog!