After re-watching some of the episodes in Adventure Time, I started analysing the cosmic entities shown in the show.

The entities of death


One of the most troubling was Death. This being was shown to be the personification of death in several episodes, like "Death in Bloom" and "Sons of Mars". He rules over the Land of the Dead. However, he was shown also in the 13th Dead World. In "Ghost Princess", there's a 50th Dead World. The writers stated that there are fifty "Dead Worlds", and the reasons why will be stated in a future episode. But, does Death rule with all of them? What are the connections between the fifty dead worlds and the Land of the Dead?

By now, it's all speculation. One may state that the dead worlds are mere areas of the Land of the Dead, but with no proof. So, for now, I shall not investigate this matter.


The personification of death.

Grob Gob Glob Grod

What is the G-brothers's duty? This is one of the greatest mysteries in Adventure Time.

There were several episodes that indentify the
Grob Gob Glob Grod

The Hindu-like entity.

G-brothers as the creator of the creatures in Adventure Time. For example, Lemongrab calls Princess Bubblegum "his Glob". And we all know PB created the Earl. Could that mean Glob created the residents of Ooo?

Well, there are several problems:

  • The creatures in AT are mutants, beings that came to be due to the radiation coming from the Great Mushroom War.
  • In "The New Frontier", Jake says that once he dies, he will ascend to "Glob World". This might be one of the Dead Worlds, but more for that later. A being that accepts the dead and created everything is accepted by religions with one supreme entity, but not one with numerous, which AT presents within itself. So the G-brothers must be either of the two.

But, which it is? We know that PB created the Candy Kingdom the way it is today, and before PB came, it was smaller (see "All Your Fault"). But, there are enough citizens to fill the kingdom. How? Recently, I read a theory of Doom's (whom I thank) which states that the G-brothers went to Ooo for water carrying food. This created the Galaxy of Food.

And this makes sense! What if Glob, to prove who he is, brought some of the food to life? This created the missing Candy People and their belief (which to some is true!) created them! What if this caused PB to start her interest in science and will to play Gob (or in her case, Glob)? Makes sense right?

So the G-brothers are entities that rule a dead world. Another proof is this guy:

S5e16 GOLB


He is a keeper of death! Finn met him when he died in "Puhoy"! He resembles the G-brothers. He's got four eyes, and the G-bros four faces!

So the G-bros are keepers of death. They rule Glob World, one of the dead worlds. But what's their job. I do not know myself. With more proof, I may find out.

The Cosmic Owl

Owl trans

The Cosmic Owl

The Cosmic Owl seems to reveal to people how will they die and guides their souls to their resepective Dead World. Well, that wasn't hard, was it?


I have noticed many things while I was analysing GOLB. Take a look at this:

S5e16 GOLB

Then take a look at this:

S4 E26 The multiverse

The multiverse.

Don't those block resemble the ones around the Time Room? The Time Room is the centre of the multiverse, and those block are the separate dimensions. That means we see GOLB in the centre of the multiverse!



Does that seem familiar? It was just lately that I thought maybe time goes faster if a dimension is closer to the Time Room, since it produces Time Waves and waves get weaker the greater the space.

So, I thought that maybe GOLB is the being that brings beings to the realm where they were born if they died in another dimension, 'cause it's not their time to die in their dimension! This is also supported by "Puhoy".

This is supported by the fact that there's a Hindu goddess named Kali, a goddess of Time and Death!

Prismo and the Time Room

What really troubled me was how were the Time Room and Prismo connected. Just, how? I thought YEARS about this, and I couldn't figure it out. Maybe Prismo is destiny? The entity of destiny? Some cultures indentify both as the same, so it's possible.

Other entities

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

The president of the USA

How did Lincoln become immortal AND the King of Mars? I believe he became immortal, and then became the King of Mars, for it makes more sense. It's possible he used the coin to pay Death to become immortal. It makes sense, doesn't it? He pays Death to save someone's life.

However, it's unknown why he became the King of Mars. Thinking about it, I thought that maybe Death said he wouldn't take his soul if he doesn't return to Earth. That's why Abe went to Mars and became it's King.

Magic Man

Let's talk about Magic Man. How is he a brother of the G-bros, when they are
Magic Man

Magic Man.

entities of death? I did quite a research, and I found something. In Abe Lincoln himself.

I mean, Abe became immortal and became the King of Mars. What if the G-bros died, somehow made Death make them immortal and became entities of Death? It's a plausible theory.

Hunson Abadeer

Lord of evil

The Lord of Evil.

I can't really say much about Abadeer. To many of the fans (including me), he's one of the greatest mysteries in AT. He was a tough challenge. However, I think I uncovered his secret.

Many fans think of the Nightosphere as Ooo's equilevent of hell. However, hell is the place where people who wronged during their stay on the mortal plane go when they die and get punished for their deeds there. Also, demons carry out the punishments on the mortals, but they also get punished themselves, even the ruler of hell, Satan himself.

But there are several problems there with the Nightosphere:

  • Only demons get punished, no mortals.
  • Hunson, who should be Satan, doesn't get punished either.
  • Demons are supposed to be evil.
  • Hunson does the punishing for fun, not because it's his duty.

Quite a head scratcher? Well, fiction has that covered too.

In comics, there are beings named "Hell Lords". They are demons who created their own dimension and do whatever they wish there: forge evil plots, spread evil throughout the world, create other demons etc.

See where I'm going? Hunson's called the Lord of Evil - what if he's a Lord of Evil? He might have killed (or imprisoned, banished) all the other Lords of Evil, making him technically the Lord of Evil! Does this make sense?