OK, so there wasn't much discussion connected to Adventure Time' this days, so I'm making this blog to help revive this wiki.

So, as you can see, will be discussing our least favourite character here. Before we begin, here are some rules:

  1. State a reason why the certain character you picked is your least favourite;
  2. Don't judge a character because of the ship you ship or a relationship present in the series:
  3. Don't do anything that's forbidden by the rules (this one is obvious, though).

Before we start, I would like to state my least favourite character and reasons why I dislike the character.

My least favourite character is Princess Bubblegum at the age of thirteen (which I shall refer to as 13PB). Here's why:

When the series began, I always wondered what made so many people like PB. She didn't do anything interesting, she didn't have any character development and had no background. She was boring and served only as a love interest for Finn. She and Lady Rainicorn were so boring, I ignored them. They weren't horrible, they weren't great, they were just, just there. A big zero, no minus, no plus.

Before "Mortal Recoil" aired, I started to realize how much potential PB had. There were hints the Candy Kingdom was the greatest kingdom in Ooo (and possibly the "leader" of Ooo), she was a scientist whose expierements always (well, not always) went wrong, she was under stress... I mean, she could have turned into (or turned out to be) a mad scientist. PB to me was like Titanic preparing to sail.

And then, THE HORROR!!! "Mortal Recoil" turned her into a 13 year old kid! I wanted to barf. The destroyed all the character's potential so that she could be a love interest. However, I thought "MEH, it could turn out good", but was I wrong.

Here are my reasons for hating 13PB:

  1. She didn't take good care of the Candy Kingdom. 18PB managed to separate her time to have enough time to do expierements (more complicated than those seen in "Too Young"), have fun and run the kingdom. But 13 PB only had fun and did weird, less complicated expierements than those seen before. The Kingdom was destroying itself. Remember when PB was afraid about what would happen with CK without her in "Goliad"? Well that happened in "TY". Why did Lemongrab come to CK in the first place? "Cause the CK was COLAPSING!!! And when Lemongrab sent people to the dungeon, 13PB was worried sick, but wasn't worried when Cinnamon Bun nearly died. And if she wanted to rule instead of Lemongrab, she should have just turned herself back to 18 instead of beating up the guy who was trying to help (even in his weird, insane way)!
  2. She was just plain boring like before. Didn't do anything interesting.
  3. She acted like a jerk to Lemongrab! I mean, she did all those horrible things, kicked him, insulted his and burned him just because he was trying to save the CK from disaster! And she didn't even think was much his life was bad already! She was so mean, I couldn't stand it. And then, 13PB says she could have stopped the madness any time she wanted, but kept on ruining a poor soul's life just because she wasn't happy with it. Shame on you, 13PB. Lemongrab's life was way worse than yours. 
  4. Even though it wasn't her fault, Finn started hurting Lemongrab because of her. I'm not saying she wanted to, but she could have said to Finn "what we're doing is wrong". Finn would have figured out what he was doing all along was wrong and would have felt bad like he did in "City of Thieves". But no, 13PB didn't say a thing. Nothing.

I am so glad she became a great character in Season 4, just like I wanted to. And she even redeemed herself about the Lemongrab stuff in "You Made Me"!

Well that's good enough for a start. Let the discussion begin!