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Hello, fellow Adventure Time fans! My name is TheScottBird, and I am new to this wiki. As a way to get myself known around here, I am going to start a Hurt/Heal. The subject of this Hurt/Heal is season five episodes, because what other subject can help us get pumped up for the remainder of season six?!


You can have up to four votes in your comment. Double heals, quadruple heals, double hurts, and quadruple hurts are allowed. You must wait 7 hours in between each of your votes to vote again, to prevent spamming. Once an episode reaches 20 HP, it can no longer be healed. Happy voting! :-)


Episodes Dead

  • N/A

Losing Episodes

  • Frost & Fire - 5 HP

Last comment: "Heal Frost & Fire, Hurt Bad Timing" by Taymato