The Hated

aka Rebecca

  • I live in Ninjago
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Ninja and Cole's girlfriend
  • I am Female
  • The Hated

    My Essay

    March 18, 2013 by The Hated

    Romeo,Juliet, Finn and Flame Princess

                Romeo and Juliet is a heart touching love story, Finn and Flame princess is an exciting romance. What could these totally different love stories have in conmen? It was a love at first sight that started it all and ever since they had lead to life of adventure. These young couples couldn’t imagine life without the other but there were troubles to face.

                   Finn and Flame princess are only teens and, well, are complete opposites. Finn’s a hero and is the greatest hero in the world. Flame Princess is chaotic evil, and is basically made of fire. Though their story is much like Romeo and Juliet’s, Both boys had loved another woman before meeting their love, For Romeo it was Rosaline and f…

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  • The Hated


    February 23, 2013 by The Hated

    I need some help i'm writing an essay on romeo and juliet comparing them to finn and FP


    ==is flame princess Chaotic evil


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  • The Hated

    HI !!!!!!

    October 13, 2012 by The Hated

    I am gonna introduce myself

    1. i freaking hate alot of stuff
    2. i love adventure time (the litch is my fav character)
    3. my friend and probbly only one is flameprincess12
    5. i love one direction


    7. i also am A.S.E.S.(Awesome,Sassy,Especialy,Smart)

    8. if you dont like me i dont care

    anyway i like regular show the amazing world of gumball and funny youtube videos.Well Flameprincess12 is my twin and i guess (acoreding to her) she is the smarter one. i like to write fanfiction stories about AT and i really dont like being luaghed at (i have anger problems srry). My fav color is dark purple and on some weekends i model in fashion shows. i like twilight (team jacob) and the hunger games.i hate school just about as mu…

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