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HI !!!!!!

The Hated October 13, 2012 User blog:The Hated

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I am gonna introduce myself

  1. i freaking hate alot of stuff
  2. i love adventure time (the litch is my fav character)
  3. my friend and probbly only one is flameprincess12
  5. i love one direction


7. i also am A.S.E.S.(Awesome,Sassy,Especialy,Smart)

8. if you dont like me i dont care

anyway i like regular show the amazing world of gumball and funny youtube videos.Well Flameprincess12 is my twin and i guess (acoreding to her) she is the smarter one. i like to write fanfiction stories about AT and i really dont like being luaghed at (i have anger problems srry). My fav color is dark purple and on some weekends i model in fashion shows. i like twilight (team jacob) and the hunger games.i hate school just about as much as i hate just 'bout everything else. and of course IM GONNA BE FAMOUS! bye everyone!

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