Romeo,Juliet, Finn and Flame Princess

            Romeo and Juliet is a heart touching love story, Finn and Flame princess is an exciting romance. What could these totally different love stories have in conmen? It was a love at first sight that started it all and ever since they had lead to life of adventure. These young couples couldn’t imagine life without the other but there were troubles to face.

               Finn and Flame princess are only teens and, well, are complete opposites. Finn’s a hero and is the greatest hero in the world. Flame Princess is chaotic evil, and is basically made of fire. Though their story is much like Romeo and Juliet’s, Both boys had loved another woman before meeting their love, For Romeo it was Rosaline and for Finn it was Princess Bubblegum ,notably they also both have swords .Both Juliet and Flame Princess’s fathers extremely dislikes the boys and forbidden the young women from seeing them although both girls rebel against them anyway. In another case Juliet was a girl with little freedom and Flame princesses dad kept her locked in a latenern for most of her life

              In contrast both couples’s adventures where totally different, Romeo and Juliet had secret meetings to see each other while Finn and Flame Princess go on exciting adventures like saving her father from assassins. Finn is also a hero in way Romeo couldn’t be, Finn saved the world five times with his brother Jake the dog; the duo had to keep the world from explodeing,because of Flame Princesses highly unstable elemental matrix, caused by Finn kissing her. both of the girls fathers hate the boys for different reasons, Lord Capulet hate Romeo because he is a Montague whereas Flame king hates Finn because he is a good guy and wants his daughter to be good and not evil. Flame princess is more frail and emotional whereas Juliet is more stable, Also Flame Princess wants to be good but is evil because of her elemental make up unlike Juliet who could be both viewed as bad and good depending on who it is. Despite the many similarities both couples have different endings, Romeo and Juliet both die while Finn and Flame Princess are still alive and are the uncle and aunt of Jake and Lady Rainicorns babies,kind of.

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