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    Hello. I have been looking forward to seeing Jake the Dad, and upcoming episode in season 5, but since we wont be seeing any new episodes until next year, I've decided to make a little Fan-fiction titled Jake the Father. This fic will be a three parter, all written in blog posts. Please make sure to comment, as negative input can be greater than no input at all, thank you. Now without further ado, lets begin

    Finn: Where ya going buddy? Jake: I'm heading to lady's, she's due any day now and I want to be there with her. Finn pauses his game and stands up. Finn: You want me to come with? Jake: No! (Finn hesitates).... no.. no sorry Finn, It's just something that I have to do on my own, okay? Finn: Yeah man I understand (Sits back down). Jake: …

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  • The Ice Prince

    This Is literally the last we hear of him. It's pretty unlikley that this is going to be the last we see of Magic Man, rather he may be turning good. Unlikely, but possible. At the end of Sons Of Mars, he was looking at the picture of him and Margles and showing emotions. Plus he actully gave a legit lesson to Finn in All the Little People.

    I think things are going to start happening with Magic Man, that is if we see him again.

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