Hello. I have been looking forward to seeing Jake the Dad, and upcoming episode in season 5, but since we wont be seeing any new episodes until next year, I've decided to make a little Fan-fiction titled Jake the Father. This fic will be a three parter, all written in blog posts. Please make sure to comment, as negative input can be greater than no input at all, thank you. Now without further ado, lets begin

It is currently mid winter, the tree fort is in the middle of a blizzard. Jake is getting his backpack from the closet and Finn is on the couch playing BMO. Jake then begins to fill his pack with various things.

Finn: Where ya going buddy? Jake: I'm heading to lady's, she's due any day now and I want to be there with her. Finn pauses his game and stands up. Finn: You want me to come with? Jake: No! (Finn hesitates).... no.. no sorry Finn, It's just something that I have to do on my own, okay? Finn: Yeah man I understand (Sits back down). Jake: Thanks. You going to be okay, without me for a while? Finn: Totally man, I've done it before, you know I can hold down the fort. Jake: Great, well you know you can call me if there's trouble. Finn: (Sigh) alright "mom". Jake chuckles and heads out the door. Finn: Good luck man! (He shouts as Jake leaves) Jake closes the front door and opens his umbrella. He then stetches his legs so he can take very long steps, and avoid getting stuck in the snow. He eventually makes it to Lady Rainicorn's house and knocks on the door. Lady: 누구입니까? Jake: It's just me, Honey. Lady opens the door and Jake walks in. Jake: How ya feeling? Lady: 알았어요,하지만 충돌 강해지고 유지하고 더 많이 발생합니다. Jake: Hmm, maybe I ought to call doctor princess. (Jake walks to the phone when Lady shouts) Lady: Ahhh! Jake: Woah, what happened!? Lady: 내 물이 부러진 것 같아 Jake: Alright it's time to go. Hop in Lady! (Jake then Turns into a carrige and Lady gets in) Jake begins running through the snow as fast as he can, and soon, sees the Clinic in the distance. He is nearly there when his phone rings. He creates an arm and moves his ear to the side of his body so he can hear. Jake: Hello? Finn: (From phone) Jake! We got big trouble and we need help pronto!

To Be Continued.....