The Lich wearing a dead guy

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  • The Lich wearing a dead guy

    Continued from Part 1

    Finn's mom: NO!

    Finn's dad covered in a hood with a crown, growing taller

    Finn's dad had grown horns, the Lich is now created

    The Lich (Finn's dad): Hrrahahaaaaaaaa.....

    Finn's mom being possessed, the Lich transformed her to a bear

    Finn crying

    The Lich: Fhargh...Give me that!

    The Lich takes Finn, throws him far away

    Scene skips to Jake's family

    Joshua: Margaret, these bags are so heavy! What did you packed in them? Gold and Treasure?

    Bags explode due to overloading

    Joshua: What? There are Gold and Treasure! Ugh.....

    Baby Finn about to land on the grass

    Joshua: Look! An Eagle!

    Margaret: I'm pretty sure it is a plane.

    Joshua: There are no planes anymore!! They haven't been re-invented yet!

    Margaret: Look! I think Jake is about to say h…

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  • The Lich wearing a dead guy

    I just got bored so do not judge me.

    Baby Finn crying for help

    Ladybug mother and child pass-by

    Ladybug Child: Look mother! Finn needs help! Call his parents! Maybe Finn got lost!

    Ladybug mother calls Finn's mom to let them know where Finn is

    --Finn's Timeline is now altered--

    Finn's mom go to where Finn is and brings him back home

    Jake's parents (Joshua and Margaret) go to where Finn was found and wonders where the crying was from but, never seen Finn

    Joshua: Ah well, let's go back and tell Jake and Jermaine that we are going to move out of Ooo and go to the neighboring land called, "Land of Uuu".

    --Jake's Timeline is now altered--

    Margaret: No we can't go....

    Margaret is distracted by treasure

    Margaret: Okay! Let's pack our bags first thing in the m…

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