Continued from Part 1

Finn's mom: NO!

Finn's dad covered in a hood with a crown, growing taller

Finn's dad had grown horns, the Lich is now created

The Lich (Finn's dad): Hrrahahaaaaaaaa.....

Finn's mom being possessed, the Lich transformed her to a bear

Finn crying

The Lich: Fhargh...Give me that!

The Lich takes Finn, throws him far away

Scene skips to Jake's family

Joshua: Margaret, these bags are so heavy! What did you packed in them? Gold and Treasure?

Bags explode due to overloading

Joshua: What? There are Gold and Treasure! Ugh.....

Baby Finn about to land on the grass

Joshua: Look! An Eagle!

Margaret: I'm pretty sure it is a plane.

Joshua: There are no planes anymore!! They haven't been re-invented yet!

Margaret: Look! I think Jake is about to say his first words!

Jake: Baby Human!

Margaret: What?

Finn lands on Margaret's hat

Margaret: Oh.

Finn: Baby Dog!

Joshua: That baby has a skeleton hand-shaped birth mark!

Margaret: Eh.

Joshua: We don't know whose child is that!

Margaret: Let's just adopt it!

Joshua: So, should we still move to Uuu?

Margaret: Mmm, okay.

13 years later

Finn: Hey Jake!

Jake: Yeah?

Finn: Do you know who I have a crush on?

Jake: Who?


Jake: Do you know who I have a crush on?

Finn: Who?


Finn: We are stinkin' rich!

Jake: Remember, these fortune are from Mom and Dad! They gave us these treasure when they were still alive!

Finn: Where's Jermaine?

Jake: I don't know.

Jermaine: Hey guys! Quick! I think I saw something!

Finn: What is it?

Jermaine: Over there!

Finn: That looks like..... A monster from the Land of Ooo! Good thing there are safe-safe magical borders that keeps monsters away, but only one monster can break through magical borders! The....

Jake: Oh shush. That information isn't important.

Finn: Wait, What?! That monster broke through the magical borders! Don't tell me that monster is The...

To be Continued