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    This is sorta like a fanfic. I wrote and posted this on another website and got good feedback. I would like to see your opinion on it.

    Finn's in "sad times" and writes a letter to FP to make things right.

    To the most beautiful girl I ever knew,     

    Oh, FP, how could I have been so naïve? Driven by my stupid childish passion, I wrote that letter, that cursed letter that has caused us so much pain! I would sacrifice anything to undo that! Oh Glob, have You written my destiny to never be loved by my one and only soul mate ever again?   

     My dear FP, I see your image in my dreams. I reach out for you, and awake only to not see you in my arms. My tears flow like torrents. I cannot recall our last moment of being together without madly crying. During…

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    If you could, who would you have liked to be in Adventure Time?

    Would you have liked to be Finn, IK,etc.?

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  • The guy across the street 1

    Here you can post any spicy or whatever fanart.

    JUST GOOD ONES, such as:

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  • The guy across the street 1

    Round One: Jake can use his magical powers while Finn can use the Demon Blood sowrd.

    Round Two:They can just fight without using their abilities.

    Who would win?

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  • The guy across the street 1

    This blog is based on the fantasy relationship between the characters Marceline the vampire queen and Princess Bubblegum.

    Personally, I do not support this. However, there is some evidence that Bubbline exists. The main piece of evidence is the episode "what Was Missing". In this episode, Marceline sings the song "I'm just Your Problem", which Bubbline supporters argue that the lyrics of the song show a love relationship between Marceline and P.B. Further on in the episode, the old rock shirt is another piece of evidence. is a link to a website which contains many numerous reasons why Bubbline exists.

    However, all of this is based on mere subtext. Besides, bubb…

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