This blog is based on the fantasy relationship between the characters Marceline the vampire queen and Princess Bubblegum.

Personally, I do not support this. However, there is some evidence that Bubbline exists. The main piece of evidence is the episode "what Was Missing". In this episode, Marceline sings the song "I'm just Your Problem", which Bubbline supporters argue that the lyrics of the song show a love relationship between Marceline and P.B. Further on in the episode, the old rock shirt is another piece of evidence. is a link to a website which contains many numerous reasons why Bubbline exists.

However, all of this is based on mere subtext. Besides, bubbline supporters forget subtexts from other episodes, especially "Burning Low".

""The two walk off, and as this happens Princess Bubblegum sighs sadly and whispers "Oh, Finn." A coughing noise causes her to turn around and see Jake staring at her with a Grinch-smile and she asks, "What?" Jake asks her, "jeeeealous??." With a rather saddened look and tone, then she ends the episode by saying, "Shut up."""(got this from adventure time page on the episode.Many thanks to whoever wrote this).

This implies that P.B.  has feelings for Finn. I ask those who support Bubbline: Have you forgotten about the subtext implied here?

If P.B. has feelings for Finn, how can she have equally strong feelings for Marceline? 

To conclude, there is a good argument both for and against Bubbline/sugarless gum. Until more episodes release with subtext or text about the history between these characters, the argument is a stalemate.