The lego mind

aka A _____ person

  • I live in Australia mate.
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is To be happy.
  • I am On a unicorn Jumping over a double rainbow being chased by ninjas in a banana costume in a Ferrari holding pianos and it is raining apple juice.
  • The lego mind

    One year!

    May 12, 2015 by The lego mind

    Woopy! I've been on here for one year! And I don't regret it! This community has been wonderful place once I stepped in chat. I think I came a long way, I was sure stupid once I first joined here, gee, looking back... Anywho. I just want to say thanks to everyone! For occupying my time, teaching me the wonders of the internet (lol) and welcoming me with warm hands!

    And thank you Gazerkids and Hyper CP, as you guys were the first people I talked to on chat.

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  • The lego mind

    Yes yes. This is another dead wiki blog post. I noticed that people would comment on blog post and also edit things. But yet no go on chat. So... Who is still just wandering through the website but doesn't go on chat?

    Who else is alive. But not on chat?

    There's: Me

    Game user. IB.

    ATG. OS

    Giaria. Luci

    Gazerkids. Admiral









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  • The lego mind

    Today on Christmas (boxing day for aussies!) 2 very loyal users to the wikia have been promoted. To celebrate! we'll do something! Congratulations.

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  • The lego mind

    That episode was amazing, all the cameos, but the best one must be seeing BETTY! OMG! What did ya think?

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  • The lego mind


    November 23, 2014 by The lego mind

    This is a swiggity swaggity abstract neon real life painted taco of jake tha dawg. featuering nigel the tacoberry.

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