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Adventure Time: Engines of Steam

so I came up with the idea form an anime steampunk adventure time show called "Engines of Steam" I don't have much in the way of the story just some genral ideas, characters and locations to name a few 



Finn Mertens (age 15)

Fionna Mertens (age 15)

Cake (Fionna's pet cat/ comic relief 

Jake scott (age 28)

Bubba Balldwin (age 16)

Sally Mander (age 15)

Marceline Abadeer (age 18)


  • D.E.A.D.:

Dr. Vertex/ Mr. Magic Man (age ?)

Lord Tommas Licken/ the Lich (age ?) †

Ash (age 19) †

  • Pup Gang: 

Mr. Pup 

the other guys 


Destiny Gang

minor characters: 


Mrs. Mertens 

Mr. Mertens+

Mrs. Abadeer †+

Simon Petricove/ Gunter †

Willium Gauntlet †+

Mutants/ Underdwellers


Sky city: 

  • sewers 
  • Balldwin manor 
  • Candy Kindom Candy shop 

Freak city/ city ruins 

D.E.A.D. H.Q. derigeable 


+=only seen in flash backs


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