Greetingsss mortalsss We the one true evil shall ssspin a tail that shall ssstretch your sssuspension of disssbelief beyond the breaking point and make you quessstion reality and innate human kindnesss as Finn the human and Jake the dog face an evil as old as time The Night Shield and The Black Dragon and Finn discoversss his dessstiny as the Champion of light and the sssalvation of humanity and the sssecretsss of his passst and his family

Chapter 1: The Veiled Threat

Chapter 2: Predators on the Prowl

Chapter 3: Holocaust of the Hyoomans

Chapter 4: the Truth

Chapter 5: Fires Extinguished

Chapter 6: the Sword of Light

Chapter 7: the Key

Chapter 8: the Ascension

Chapter 9: the Gate

Chapter 10: the Beginning

New Characters:

We invite you to make predictionsss about the ssstory now and as the ssstory progressesss