(Scene opens in forest as the fires are dying down Finn, Jake and Flame Princess standing in awe at Luminas)

Finn: Wow a knight of the shining stars. (To Jake) And you said they weren’t real

Jake: So where were you when we needed you five minutes ago?

Luminas: Dealing with these (pointing to seemingly empty cage)

Flame princess: Umm, there’s nothing in there

Luminas: Or is there? (Swipes sword vertically across cage revealing three dark figures in the cage for brief moment)

All: Whoa!

Luminas: They are called the hidden ones, (flash back starts Luminas continues in narration) they are a group of deadly assassins, (shows one blowing poison arrow into guards neck) they achieve invisibility by bathing in the excretions of a rare sea anemone that feeds on darkness, (shows three hidden ones performing the ritual) the substance makes them darker then night itself (one pour slime one himself as it oozes down he disappears)

Finn: So why are they here?

Hidden one #1: The Nightmaster sent us

Hidden one #2: As reinforcements for the Huntsman

Hidden one #3: And to destroy you

Hidden ones 1-3: So the invasion will go unhindered

Flame princess: What invasion?

Hidden one #2: Beautopia!

Hidden one #1: Soon our forces will flood through its shafts

Hidden one #2: Dredge it up to the surface

Hidden one #3: Extinguish the heart

Hidden ones: And kill every human inhabitant hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Finn: Oh my grod. Susan’s in danger

(Finn and Jake run like crazy to Beautopia)

Flame Princess: Okay now what?

Luminas: Now we bring these three to the candy kingdom

(Scene change to Beautopia already enslaved close-up on pile of animal hoods)

Angry voice: Aagh still more hyoomans

Basil: Calm down Fright Knight. We still have one more-okay where is she?


Basil: Now, now that won’t be necessary, I’ll handle this my self, (whistles) Quickdusk!

(A large demonic Pegasus flies down and lands by Basil)

Fright Knight: Your nightmare won’t be able to catch up to her

Basil: Oh you’d be surprised (patting Quickdusk head) at how fast she can be in the countryside

(Basil and Quickdusk fly off and give chase, Susan enters a forest to evade them but basil jumps of Quickdusk’s back lands right in front of her)

Basil: Boo!

(Susan freaks out tackles Basil, Basil grabs her hood, forces her off, stands up and sees that she is human)

Basil: So you ARE a human. But the Question remains: who are you? (Grabs her right arm pulls it up and sees an eight-pointed star appear on her wrist)(Shocked) Mother?

(Finn and Jake bursting through the bushes)

Finn: Susan!!!

Basil: Then who...?

(Finn charges at Basil who quickly draws his sword, large sword fight ensues Finn disarms Basil. Finn raises his sword for the final blow. Fear is seen in Basil’s eyes. Sword comes down but Basil catches it between his hands, rips off tip of blade and jabs it in the side of Finn’s shoulder. He runs of to clearing)

Basil: (whistles) Quickdusk!

(Quickdusk flies in, Basil jumps on and they fly off)

Susan: (as Finn and Jake tend to her) Finn, I think I know him (pointing to basil).

(To be continued)