(Scene begins at the tree house Finn and Jake wakeup Finn looks puzzled)

Jake: Hey Finn, something wrong?

Finn: Not really Jake. I just can’t get that thing from last night out of my head.

Jake: Yeah that thing was pretty ban-ay-nays, I mean we try everything to kill it and it doesn’t go down until Flame Princess sets it on fire?

Finn: maybe we should get Flame Princess and do some research on it.

(Later at Flame princess’ house) Hey FP!

Flame princess: (excitedly) Finn! (Runs over and hugs him)

Finn: (beginning to burn) hot, hot! HOT!

Flame princess: sorry

Finn: it‘s okay. (gives her pair of oven mitts)

Flame princess: what are these for?

Finn: we’re going to look up information on that thing that almost punched our tickets. And the oven mitts are so that you don’t burn the Enchiridion.

Flame princess: okay then lets hit the books.

Jake: eh, while you two love birds do the book learning I'm going to search the internet.

Flame princess: but you don’t have a computer with you.

Finn: Jake can access the internet with his mind

(Jake gets into lotus position and starts meditating, Finn and Flame Princess open to the table of contents)

Flame princess: (pointing to chapter 5) now if we could only do this with out destroying the world

(both of them laugh)

Finn: Oh, here it is chapter 15 “horrific beasts” page 1043 (turns to page 1043)

(Jake screams in terror, runs quickly over and begins flipping pages frantically)

Finn: What is it Jake?

Jake: (with the word terror in his eyes) I saw it man.

Finn and Flame Princess: WHAT?

Jake: I SAW IT DUDE!!! It was like a nightmare come to life

Finn: Don’t be ridiculous man we’ve hardly even seen it, it can’t be that bad (Jake holds up book open to Finn) Oh grob you are right that thing is creepy

Jake: It’s called a predator “…a nocturnal hunting, guard and attack dog commonly used by dark forces naturally found only in the shadow lands when found elsewhere it’s a sure sign that dark forces are at work” darn it I was hoping it was just a one time thing “their ears are advanced to the point of distinguishing shape and their noses to the point of individualization but their eyes dwindled to the point of distinguishing only light from dark. Impervious to all conventional harm only weakness is light”.

Finn: Looks like we’re going to have to search the forest for more of these things

(Scene change to a dark dimly lit room the, Huntsman is seen with his pack of predators)

Huntsman: Soon my prey your heads will be mounted on my wall.

Calm voice: A bit morbid don’t you think?

Huntsman: Basil, how long have you been standing there?

Basil: Long enough, and are you sure you won’t need more enforcement? They know our weaknesses now.

Huntsman: The Sheila may be able to burn through one or two predators, but not a full pack.

Basil: All the same I just wanted to wish you good luck.

Huntsman: Bah, I don’t believe in luck.

Basil: (as Huntsman and pack leave) Neither do I.

(The translucent shapes of three humanoid figures follow the pack. Scene change nighttime Finn Jake and Flame Princess patrolling the grasslands)

Jake: Hey um Finn, are you sure we can find any more of those things out here?

Finn: Jake its nighttime predators favorite time of day, besides with Flame Princess here they don’t stand a chance.

Flame Princess: I’ll burn them like paper.

Huntsman: Care to put that money where ye’ mouth is?

Finn: Who the math are you?

Huntsman: I’m the Huntsman, and that was my pet you scorched last night.

Jake: What do you want “Huntsman”?

Huntsman: I'm only after the most dangerous game, which in this case is the boy; I’ll turn your hare into a coin purse.

Finn: Oh-no you wont!

Huntsman: That’s cute you think you have a say in the matter. (Lifts right arm, arm produces a crossbow, he aims it at Finn, fires it and Finn blocks it with his sword) Hmmm and I was worried this would be too easy. (Huntsman retracts his crossbow, cracks whip and his pack of predators come out)

(Large battle commences as Finn is battling the Huntsman Jake and Flame Princess disband the predators)

Huntsman: I must say Finn you’re every bit as resourceful as I was lead to believe.

Finn: BY WHO!?

Huntsman: Like I’m going to tell you.

(After Jake and Flame Princess trap the remaining predators in a ring of fire, they try to intervene in Finn and the Huntsman’s fight, flame princess shooting a blast that envelops the Huntsman in fire. When it clears up the huntsman remains perfectly unscathed)

All three: (shocked) What?

Huntsman: do you really think that a little fire can harm me? (Sudden flash of light and Huntsman appears with glowing slash across his chest shortly before bursting into stardust)

Flame Princess: Okay what just happened?

Finn: I think he just happened. (Pointing to large figure to the right) hey mister who are you?

Figure: I am Luminas the last Knight of the Shining Stars

(To be continued…)