(Scene opens in forest. Camera pans by some trees. A beastly roar can be heard. The camera moves quickly to a tree with a large claw mark on it then moves through the trees and we see a campfire with Finn, Jake and Flame Princess around it).

Jake: Hey Finn, whatcha doing?

Finn: Since we got the Enchiridion back from the Lich I've gained a new respect for it.

Jake: Forget it. We don't need that thing.

Finn: Jake, if this thing holds the secrets of Ooo, it may hold other secrets (pointing his finger at page in book) Like this one. It's a tale of a King Regulus and his knights of the shining star as they defeat the oldest evil of all. Something called the Black Drag-(Jake covers Finn's mouth)

Jake: Shhh. Finn: -on, what is it Jake?

Flame princess: (throwing a marshmallow into her mouth) Something wrong?

Jake: I'm not sure. It just feels we're being watched

(suddenly a large wolflike creature jumps out at them but Finn reacts and slays it with his sword)

Finn: what in Glob's name was that?

Jake: I don't know

Flame princess: At least it's dead now right?

(beast attacks Jake 2 seconds later, Finn and Jake battle "tag team" against the monster attempting to kill it in many different ways like sending it over a cliff, Jake turning into an iron maiden, drowning it and crushing it under a tree, a boulder and a mountain)

Jake: Finn it's over, I'm 93% sure we killed it this time

(they walk away)

Finn: Thanks mountain man

Mountain man: Any time guys (they walk off in victory meeting up with FP, suddenly the beast growls and darts at Flame princess just as suddenly it perfectly circumvents her aura of light and tackles Jake)

Finn: (as Jake is screaming "get it off of me" repeatedly) Flame princess, you notice it hasn't even tried to attack you?

Flame princess: yeah, but I thought it was just a coincidence

Finn: it's almost like it's trying to avoid you (pause) I've got an idea when I give the word throw a fire ball at an exposed area (Finn lunges at the beast and shifts his weight to the left leaving the creature's right side exposed) now!

(Flame princess throws a fire ball at the monster, hits it, it runs of in terror it glows and suddenly burst into star dust)

Jake: okay now I'm 100% sure it's dead

(camera zooms out and we see a crystal ball)

Calm dark voice: the predator seems to have failed

Angry dark voice: the Huntsman is an incompetent fool

Huntsman: now now I still have one plan up my sleeve and they won't see this coming

(to be continued...)