I just thought of this off the back of my head but you guys probably know how almost every show with action in it has some god of destruction like MARVAL has Galactis, D.C. has the Anti-monitor and Transformers has Unicron any I thought of this: wath if the gods of doom for all three shows AND Adventure Time squared of but then I thought of this snag AT has no death god just the Lich so I decided to downsize it to evil demigods (yes that is a word) so the Lich wouldn't be the odd man out (size wise)so now the lineup is

The Fallen (Transformers)

Thanos (MARVEL)

Vilgax (Ben 10) (Darksyde is too godlike)

The Lich (home team)

I'll set up the one on one's later

Note: this is not a popularity contest this is who you think is more likely to win in a fight