(Scene opens in a bad part of Candy Kingdom.  Basil is looking through pair of binoculars into the room of Princess Bubblegum)

Basil: Hello beautiful, where have you been all my life? (PB walks off) Oh well, back to the mission.

(As he walks by the Pup Gang comes out of the shadows)

Jamaica: Hey guys, remember when we threw that basketball at that old dog?

Toughy and Blomo: Yeah!

Jamaica: Let’s do it to this old guy. (Picks up and throws basketball at Basil, only for Basil to turn one hundred and eighty degrees and slice the ball in two clean hemispheres)

Basil: (Laughs sinisterly). My turn. (Takes energy, draws circle in the air spins it around and flicks it at the Pup Gang)

(Large boom is heard throughout)

(Scene change to Candy Kingdom general hospital.  Pup Gang wakes up to find themselves in intensive care, tended to by Dr. Ice Cream and nurse Poundcake. In the other corner of the room Finn, Jake, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum and Luminas are discussing the situation)

Princess Bubblegum: Luminas, are you sure we need this level of care?

Finn: Yeah. I mean it’s just some bruises.

Luminas: These injuries were the result of a “dark shadow wave pulse”. The internal damage could be critical.

Jake: Hey. if they want to get themselves killed, it’d serve them right.

Flame Princess: You’re just upset that they hit you in the head with a basketball.

Luminas: This is beside the point; only a Night Shield can perform this attack.

Finn: So there must be a Night Shield (pause) in the Candy Kingdom!

Luminas: We have to find them and stop them before…(boom)…too late.

(Scene change to orphanage lying in rubble)

Princess Bubblegum: Oh my gob, this is horrible!

Banana Guard: Not to worry Princess. None inside were severely injured thanks to your action to place crumple zones into all the buildings.

Princess Bubblegum: taxpayer money well spent

Finn: (sifting through the rubble picks up paper) Hey, I found a note.  “this was but a warning if you want this destruction to end then follow the map enclosed in the paper to the given location on the crumbled remains of route nine just past what I think was once a galoshes emporium. P.S. come alone”

(Scene change to ruins of 21st century city. Finn walks up to ruins of house)

Finn: I think this is the place. (Sees figure in distance) Hey! Who goes there? (No response) Did you send for me? (Still no response, Finn screams and charges at silhouetted figure. After minor altercation, ending with both trying to strangle each other)

Both: Who are you? Why are you here? You know why I’m here. Stop it. You stop it. STOP IT!!!

(Both tire out; take a breather)

Finn: (panting) Okay. Let’s start over. My name is Finn the human. Who are you?

Stranger: (also panting) my name is Fionna the human.

Finn: Fiona with one “N” or Fionna with two?

Fionna: “Fionna” with two “Ns”

Finn: So why are you here?

Fionna: Looking for answers, like you

Finn: maybe we can find them in there (pointing to house)

(Scene change inside house)

Fionna: Looks like this place was ransacked

Finn: Yeah this place is a dump. (picks up picture frame) Hey, look at this

(Two babies are in the photo one with Finn’s bear hat and the other with Fionna’s bunny hat)

Fionna: Does that mean…?

Finn: we’re…

Basil: Twins?

(Both turn around and gasp)

Finn: You, you’re the guy that attacked Beautopia

Basil: Yes I did that. I was looking for the human prophesized to defeat my master. (Finn and Fionna draw their swords [Finn’s still missing tip of blade] but Basil raises his hand) Now, now. I didn’t come here to fight. Not yet any way.

Fionna: Then why did you come here?

Basil: the same reason you came here. Or rather I wished for you to come so I may give you an offer.

Finn: What offer?

Basil: A chance not to have an unwanted enemy and a chance to learn about your collective past.

Finn: And what could you possibly know about us? (Basil grabs Finn’s right arm and shows them a symbol with eight points)

Basil: Plenty. (Finn and Fionna are in shock) You see, as you two are twins, I am (removes knight’s helmet to reveal pale-skinned, white haired human) your brother.

Finn: our brother?

Basil: Yes and my offer to you is join me or perish, I sincerely hope you choose the former

Finn: Never

Fionna: Never (Fionna charges at him but is restrained by the living shadows)

Basil: Perhaps you need to (licking his lips) taste the power before you make your decision.

(Basil drags the now tied up Finn and Fionna outside and to Quickdusk but as he reaches for Finn a streak of multicolored light cuts in front of his hand.  He looks to the Lady Rainicorn, Jake, Luminas, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn’s foals/puppies)

Fionna: Friends of yours?

Finn: Yup. (Bubblegum engages Basil wile Jake sets free Finn and Fionna) Thanks Jake

Basil: (fighting Bubblegum) Listen beautiful, this family matter does not concern you. (Cornering her against tree) but if you want to be involved I can oblige (gets stunned by one of Lady’s beams)

Lady Rainicorn: {creep}

(Quickdusk, ever loyal to her master, retaliates on Lady Rainicorn then the Fright Knight comes in with battalion of shadow solders and larger battle ensues as Luminas engages Fright Knight)

Fright Knight: trying to fight for a lost cause again are we brother?

Luminas: you lost the right to call me brother long ago, Draco, the day you betrayed the king

Fright Knight: What you call betrayal, I call opportunity

Luminas: Sickening piece of slime

Fright knight: Flattery will get you nowhere, brother

Luminas: Grrr

(While the foals/puppies and Flame Princess’ light related powers are more than a match for the shadow soldiers with each wave they begin to show resistance against their attacks until they completely surround the heroes)

Fright Knight: (to Luminas) Looks like you’ve lost brother

(A large shadow warrior raises his mace when suddenly a bolt of lightning blows him up. The source of the lightning was Lord Monochromicorn)

Finn: Friend of yours?

Fionna: Yup

Basil: (to Fright Knight) Time to leave. (they jump on Quickdusk and fly off. The rest of the Night Shield vanish)

Jake: Well that was weird

Finn: Yeah

Fionna: Mo-Chro, what are you doing here?

Lord Monochromicorn: -... ..- -... -... .- / .- -. -.. / .--. .... --- . -. .. -..- / - --- .-.. -.. / -- . / - --- / .--. ..- - / .- / - .- .. .-.. / --- -. / -.-- --- ..- {Bubba and firebird told me to put a tail on you}

(later Finn Jake and Flame Princess are walking to Flame Princess’ house)

Finn: So what do we do now? What with Luminas, PB and Fionna gathering forces to combat the Night Shield

Jake: I still can’t believe you have a twin sister

Flame Princess: Guys, look (she points to Furnius and Torcho beat up and dragging an injured Flame King)

Flame Princess: Daddy?

(to be continued)