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    R.I.P Winky emote

    September 19, 2014 by Thefinnmurtons

    R.I.P. 2014-2014

    Did not want.

    Will be missed by not all, but few..

    Also, R.I.P My Cat: Mojojojo

    2012 - ?

    He ran away. I dunno if he's dead or not. But still R.I.P cuz u prolly is. I luff u maen u was a warior

    Also, that is really him. xD -->

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    So I'm going to demote myself, the main reason of which I'm not going to state, please do not get upset or anything. I believe it's my decision and it's for the best, fear not. Nothing is going to change, I'll be around. Since you all wish to be informed about updates on current ranks and such I thought I should make a blog explaining why I'll no longer be a bureaucrat. If the main reason is taken care of (or uhhh.. Once it is taken care of.) (It's nothing bad or personal it's just something I'm not gong to state.) We will see what happens. I like to thank I did a pretty good job with well, my job. xD But guys, don't get mad or anything or like say no please don't do dis. No but seriously, I don't know what else to cover here. I wanted to …

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    Let me start by saying, this is in no way Adventure Time related and I apologize for that. However, I just wanted to discuss something with most of you. It's something I wish to try.

    Topic Discussion - Why I hate the movie Frozen. (Not mentioning spoilers.)

    Let me start by saying the character development was terrible. It starts with Sven and Christoph. Christoph is a young blonde kid and Sven is his pet and best friend reindeer. (No he doesn't talk.) Anyways, after that scene it goes to two little girls Elsa and Anna. Elsa has snow powers as we already know, anyways it doesn't show how she got the powers, all we know is that she was born with them I guess, it doesn't show that it was genetic or anything which bothered me and annoyed me. The…

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