Let me start by saying, this is in no way Adventure Time related and I apologize for that. However, I just wanted to discuss something with most of you. It's something I wish to try.

Topic Discussion - Why I hate the movie Frozen. (Not mentioning spoilers.)

Let me start by saying the character development was terrible. It starts with Sven and Christoph. Christoph is a young blonde kid and Sven is his pet and best friend reindeer. (No he doesn't talk.) Anyways, after that scene it goes to two little girls Elsa and Anna. Elsa has snow powers as we already know, anyways it doesn't show how she got the powers, all we know is that she was born with them I guess, it doesn't show that it was genetic or anything which bothered me and annoyed me. Then it skips to a song/time skip, it didn't show what Sven and Christoph were doing throughout the whole time either which is another reason it annoyed me.

Here's another reason I hated the movie. TOO MANY SONGS, SERIOUSLY. 5 songs in the first 30 minutes. =.= 20 songs throughout the whole movie including the credit version of "Let it go." Like what is Anna the new Ariel or something? Yes, I counted the amount of songs in the movie to prove my point. I'm pretty sure that's the most amount of songs put into a movie in a while.

And the last reason I hated the movie. IT USES PRETTY MUCH THE SAME ANIMATION AS TANGLED. Way to show some originality. Like when watching a movie you'd atleast hope for some original good animations. A way to make it seem more realistic I guess?

Anyways, here's what I want you to do. Without spoiling give me your opinion of the movie whether you thought it was good or bad, and if you haven't seen the movie then tell me a Disney movie you really liked or disliked. <-- That's something I want to try.

(P.S If you haven't seen it and you want to watch it, you might like it. This was just my opinion of the movie, you might like it for all you know! c;)