So I'm going to demote myself, the main reason of which I'm not going to state, please do not get upset or anything. I believe it's my decision and it's for the best, fear not. Nothing is going to change, I'll be around. Since you all wish to be informed about updates on current ranks and such I thought I should make a blog explaining why I'll no longer be a bureaucrat. If the main reason is taken care of (or uhhh.. Once it is taken care of.) (It's nothing bad or personal it's just something I'm not gong to state.) We will see what happens. I like to thank I did a pretty good job with well, my job. xD But guys, don't get mad or anything or like say no please don't do dis. No but seriously, I don't know what else to cover here. I wanted to inform everyone before I did this but yeah. :p There we have it. So, yeah later.

Didn't know how else to end this off.