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Ignition Point Predictions

Okay, well, I guess this is yet another blog about Ignition Point, but I had a few therios that might be worth sharing. (Or not. Don't be afraid to tell me if it sucks..)

Anyways, my therioy is that Jake tells Finn about the Flame Sheild, and Finn wants to try it out, which is why they sneak in. Also, does anyone thing the flame sheild might be permantent? I mean, it could have been a mistake, but when Jake pulled FP and Finn out of the hole, when Flame Princess touched him, he was fine. There were no burns.

So, then, they get in there, and there's this family fight going on. Flame King is mad because FP ran away, but she wants to be closer to Finn, obviously, Also, it's probably just going to the Flame King, but does anyone want to see the rest of her family? Like the Flame Queen, possibly the Fire Count, and hopefully some siblings? Maybe they could have really cool designs...

Anyways, this might be a bit like "Web Weirdos..." But only in that a family is broken, and Finn and Jake have to work to make it all okay again. It also might be sort of like "Her Parents" because Finn meets her family, even though he is probably a lot more angry than Bob and Ethel have been in their life...

Well, anyways, that's my theroy for now. I'll update this whenever the comercials air... so maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days.

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