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Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum...

Do you think that she is going to be in an episode anytime soon?

I noticed that she hasn't been in an episode since You Made Me... So my question is when is she going to come back? I looked over the episodes... The next is the Rein of Gunters... She might come back in Help, but I sort of doubt it. I bet that she will be back in The Lich...

Also, do you think that she might be Finn's love interest again in The Lich? My reasoning behind this is...

Well, the last time the Lich was there, (Not counting that weird stuff in King Worm) she was Finn's love interest. He might remember everything hehad with her, and the like like sweater and everything...

Just read the sypnosis for The Rein of Gunters. It says "All over Ooo..." Maybe that means that the Candy Kingdom will be seen?

What do you guys think?

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