Just overall coverage of the fifth season of Adventure Time. This may end up being long, so bare with me for the sake of some AT theories and discussions in the comments.


Notable Characters

  • The Lich: Although he wasn't the main villian this season, KEEP IN MIND HE IS STILL VERY MUCH
    S5 e1 The Lich as Billy running through space on rocks
    EXSISTING. Finn wished that The Lich never exsisted in Finn the Human but after Jake learned that The Lich created Ooo, he wished that The Lich changed his wish from "the extinction of all life" to "I wish Finn and Jake were back home". The Lich was shocked and angry because he knew this wasn't his wish. The last time we see him he is in the Time Room with Prismo.
  • Prismo: This guy. He is cool. He seems to be on Finn and Jake's side (since he is friends with Jake now) and he might be acquainted with GOLBCuberGrob Gob Glob Grod, and/or Magic Man. Since we already know he knows Cosmic Owl very well. I wouldn't be suprised if we saw him again in Time Sandwich.
    S5e2 Cosmic owl and Prismo in water
  • Cosmic Owl: This guy sketches me out. Being related to preminition dreams? Like what the lump! Since we haven't seen him since we last saw The Lich and Prismo, I bet he will be in Finn's dream in Frost & Fire and we will probably see him again in Time Sandwich.
    • EDIT ~ Cosmic Owl: He appeared in Frost & Fire just as I expected. He knew Finn was goin to mess it up - if you listen closely in Finn's first dream you here whispers saying "You blew it. You blew it. Bleeeeww it."
  • S5e5 Magic Man spying
    Magic Man
    : After not seeing MM since Sons of Mars, he returns in All the Little People, popping out of what seems to be the resting chamber of The Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving - he then places a bag of LIVING toys next to Finn, knowing he would mess with them. He then dissappears for the rest of the episode. Hmm... Now we haven't seen him since, but we know he will be in Time Sandwich - and he will steal Jake's sandwich.
  • Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving: After the strange Little People incident reguarding Magic Man.. The
    S5e8 Magi4
    Magi makes his official debut in the episode Mystery Dungeon, where he brings Ice King's fanfiction book to life physically. Ice King then yells at him and The Magi is insulted and leaves. We see him again in Little Dude when he is mad that he sucks at using his powers. He brings
    S5 e13 Xergiok's eyes
    Finn's hat to life and it becomes evil - yada yada yada - and eventually Finn and Jake help the Magi understand his powers more and leave on his own to raise Little Dude as his son. Need I remind you, this guy has some daddy issues so he is a mommy's boy.
  • Xergiok: I don't even know. Xergiok is really creepy and annoying, I was
    S5e19 James Baxter
    confused when they brought him back. But I feel like they might have left his eyes on his beard at the end for a reason - his power hungry eyes will always be there, and if he feels around for them when he misses them again he will find them. I think he may be a recurring minor villian.
  • James Baxter: I loved this character and the episode James Baxter the Horse. The fact that he is the most well liked hero in Ooo since the death
    640px-Rrsl 6
    of Billy, I feel like he should return. Plus I really like his positive vibes (:  I wonder if they truely effect everyone though...
  • Pete Sassafras: Okay so maybe he didn't rob LSP in Candy Streets. But he was super suspicious when Finn and Jake were following him and he was obviously up to something. Just saying.
  • Abracadaniel: I don't know if this was ever mentioned, but even before the events of Wizards Only, Fools, Abracadaniel showed disgust in kissing Princess Bubblegum in Wizard Battle - and when he discovered that
    S5 e26 IT'S ON
    was the grand prize of the games he was about to sacrefice himself to another wizard when he teams up with disguised Finn and Jake so he can win and Finn can kiss PB. By the end of the game, he realizes he does want to kiss her but Finn knocks him out and wins the competition himself. Then they brought him back for some unknown (but surely important) reason in Wizards Only, Fools. He developed a further conflict with Princess Bubblegum and seems to be more friendly with Finn and
    S5 e26 the group being sentenced to wizard prison
    Jake - also we learn that he is not respected in Wizard City, like the Ice King.
  • Grand Master Wizard: He only returns in Wizards Only, Fools, but he says that Princess Bubblegum has been a long time friend of Wizard City. This explains why a kiss from her was the prize in Wizard Battle. After PB said the Wizards are just using science but don't know what it is so they call it "magic" - GMW is pissed off and that most likely strained their friendship. Most likely. I do want to know more about PB's past with the wizards though.
    S5e21 Pep-but slapping PB
  • Peppermint Butler: Although he only appeared in The Suitor and Sky Witch so far this season, we got to see more of a darker side to him - again. After previously learning he is close with Death & Hunson, killed a Goblin, and is afraid to show people his aura, while possibly being immortal (supported when he turns Zombie-like and tells Finn and Jake he want to eat their flesh), the creepiness gets worse. He is known to conrtrol and command demons now. AND HE WAS SUMMONING SPIRITS IN THE LICH'S PRISON ROOM. WTF PEP-BUT!!! WHY DO YOU USE THE LICH'S PRISON ROOM FOR YOUR DARK MAGIC?! Plus he has a crush on Braco and "wants to have his babies" lol.
    • Ogdoad the Demon: The way he was released doesn't seem like a minor thing to me. It never has. I have always thought that he was the most significant part of The Suitor. I have a feeling he will become a larger villian if and when he returns. Maybe he was the reason PB detected a threat in the Candy Kingdom in Sky Witch... Hmm...
      You Made Me! Castle Lemongrab background
  • The Earls of Lemongrab: I have a feeling their plot in All Your Fault had to mean SOMETHING. The only link I can think of is the fact that they created a lot of life in that episode. A LOT.
    • EDIT ~ Earls of Lemongrab: Um. Did Lemongrab 1 eat Lemongrab 2 and kill him? :o   And when did he become such an antagonist?! He was about to imprison PB, Finn, and Lemonhope just for having an opinion! Crazy fat b4$t4rd.
  • Ice King: As usual, his main focus this season is wanting people to love
    Simon Petrikov e8619e 4202824
    and accept him. He trapped a group of series regulars in a dungeon - forcing them to help him in Mystery Dungeon, continued to forcefully pursue Peebles in A Glitch is a Glitch - and even goes to the lengths of creating a virus to destroy all life but the two of them, was furious after thinking he wasn't invited to the Princess Potluck, was happy when Island Lady loved his company and didn't want to leave her in The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita, and who knows why Flame Princess ends up fighting him in Frost & Fire - maybe he wants to steal Finn's girl or maybe he just wants to make a friend (or some other reason).
    • EDIT ~ Ice King: Okay. I feel bad. Flame Princess burned down his kingdom. That sucks.
  • S5e22 Ice King on the Island Lady's knee
    Island Lady: As one of the only characters to give Ice King a chance and just the fact that she is an epic island, she better return again to the show. I feel like her and Party God might start to become more important.
  • Marceline: Gahhh. I love Marcy. SOOO MUCH. It was even stated by her voice actress that this season was a Marceline-centric season centered around her past, and I am PERFECTLY FINE with that. She has got so much amazing developement this season. With her renewed friendship with Simon (Ice King), more details and a possible long-term storyarc about her past with Princess Bubblegum, her reunion with Hambo, her rivalry with Maja and Crabbit, and all the little things inbetween. Marceline's performance this season = OUTSTANDING. I saw it comming ever since I Remember You aired but I never expected it to be this good (:  Some of my favorite epsiodes of the season ended up being Simon & Marcy and Sky Witch.
    S5e29 Marcy with hambo
    • Ash: He hasn't been seen since Memory of a Memory, although he is confirmed to still be alive currently. Now, he could have just been a plot device for Marcy to track down Hambo and Maja and give her a former love interest.. OR he could return and become a villian after discovering Marcy got Hambo back from Maja the Sky Witch. I have a gut feeling he will return.
  • Princess Bubblegum: This season expanded SLIGHTLY on Princess Bubblegum's past and her ways of
    S5 E21 - The Suitor 024 0026
    thinking. Kind of like how we started getting to know Marcy in season four, and now we know her better than the rest of the main cast in season five. I have a feeling season five is PB's introductory season and season six might be more Bonnibel-centric. I support it fully. What we did get to see is that she has been over-working her self A LOT lately, even more than usual. That is evident in ALL of the season five episodes. Why is she spending so much time locked up in the lab these days? WHO KNOWS. We also got to see that she doesn't believe love exsists for her, and expanded on her past relationship/current obsession with Marcy. When she traded her shirt for Hambo, I already knew - We are going to learn more about Princess Bubb's mind. And Maja will become a new huge enemy to PB and the Candy Kingdom.
    S5 E21 - The Suitor 021 0001
    • Braco: I realized that The Suitor was made to point out the interest in PB's mind that the fans should have caught onto earlier. Why doesn't she believe she can have love? What is with her sentimental obession with Marcy if it isn't "love"? Why is this girl over-working herself and choosing science over a boy she ended up liking? Also (the rest of this has nothing to do with Braco it is more about PB, but) she DID show affection back to Finn when she was 13 years old in appearance. So if she is shown to have these serious feelings for Finn, Marcy, and Braco, why does she choose that she can't be loved? What is going on in her head? I had a theory earlier that PB was (for some reason) forced into ruling the Candy Kingdom, because it was confirmed earlier that she was young and scared and didn't want to rule the kingdom at first - but made her mind come around to it. Maybe PB ditched Marcy for the kingdom (that she was possibly forced into ruling) Marcy was jealous and angry because she didn't understand - resulting in their ruined relationship.
  • Flame Princess: Her theme this season was obvious, I recall it coming up several times. Flame Princess is afraid of the fact that she is truely evil, and wants to become a good and controlled person. It was first
    S5e27 Busted
    forshadowed in season four (Ignition Point) when she was sleeping but awoke to her father's loud whispering of the word "EVIL" repeatedly in her ear. Then in Vault of Bones Finn takes her on a quest for heroes to prove she isn't evil but only grew up in an evil environment. Then in Jake Suit FP introduces her brother, cousins, and aunt and uncle as "the less evil side of her family" - showing that she is trying to surround herself with better people. She also seems very cheerful and happier than usual in this episode, she didn't even flip when Jake sabotaged Finn at dinner with her fambam - even Jake noticed that this was somewhat OOC. Now she is going to fight Ice King in Frost & Fire, most likely because he does something evil and she tries to stop it and be good. Finn might stop her because his dream in the same episode reveals the battle would cause destruction - so she might lose her temper during her raging battle
    S4E22 SS 38
    and flip out on her boyfriend again. That would take her 20 steps backwards and ruin her season five development, unless she shows afterwards that she is clearly upset with herself for her anger issues.
    • Flame King: He didn't directly appear this season, but he will be a recurring villian for sure. Especially once they expand more on Flame Princess's life. His main goal is to turn his daughter back into the evil being she once was.
  • Finn: This season Finn has been maturing. He is becoming an overthinker rather than an act-before-thinker.
    I can see the secrets in your soul
    Starting in Finn the Human & Jake the Dog, when he was put through all the farmworld business, he came back changed and more wise. It happens more throughout the season in Vault of BonesThe Great Bird Man, and Puhoy (A VERY INTERESTING EPISODE). He is also becoming less interested in his fame as a hero, as seen in Davey. And he learned a lesson of responsibility of All the Little People. However, despite the newer mature side of Finn we are seeing, he still reminded me of good ol' funny and
    S5e16 Finn with pillow family
    innocent Finn in Jake SuitFive More Short GrayblesJames Baxter the HorseShh!, and Another Five More Short Graybles.
  • EDIT ~ Finn: A lot of people are saying they want him to take the "Batman Route" and become a darker character. I'm totally up for that but they have to do it right. It is obvious he has dependancy issues and has a lot of maturing and growing up to do. Give him just a little more time, he is almost 15 now.
    • Roselinen: I believe she was there for a reason, perhaps to show Finn how to have a successful romance - since in that very episode he was conerned about FP, and he never really knew how to deal with his crush on PB, plus he once thought he had a crush on Marcy! Finn obviously remembers his relationship with Roselinen, but he thinks it was all a dream rather than an alternate world. I loved watching Finn age too haha. He really will be a huge hero one day, with one arm. I wonder how all of the events from Puhoy will tie in to the show again...
  • Jake: He has just been the usual voice of reason and older brother figure to Finn this season. But he is also facing adulthood, having children, living with Lady for awhile, while guiding Finn. He has also been HILARIOUS this season. I love his family going on too.
    S5e6 Super Pup
    • The Pups: These guys are awesome. I love the moments I have
      seen of Jake Jr. and T.V. - and if the rest of the pups are voiced by voice actors from Bob's Burgers I know I will love these kids! lol. They will help Finn and Jake in their next life or death battle for sure.
    • The Old Gang: They were all introduced for a reason. Either as villians or new allies of Finn and Jake in the future. I wonder if they ever gave the Baker's Shard back, what if they just used Jake Jr. to obtain it. Ehh, PB probably would have heard it was gone and flipped, and Jake would have known by now. But maybe.
  • BMO: This season finally expanded on BMO and became BMO-centric! I was waiting for our little guy to get
    S2e6 BMO dancing2
    development. It was the main focus in BMO LostShh!, and Be More. Plus it was supposed to be in Mystery Dungeon instead of Neptr. I really like that we got to see where Beemo came from this season. I was waiting for Be More ever since season two when it was being spitballed around. I really hope Air (Bubble) helps BMO in the future if he ever gets
    S5e28 Moe
    into danger! Because he is it's lover, and it would be irresponsible not to since he is around BMO "all the time" now.
    • Moe: This guy is really dope! I wanna learn more about him. I know he was once human and is now a handicap cyborg but I want to know how he survive the Mushroom War, since Simon and Marcy were thought to be the only survivors. When did Moe start making MO's? Why did he get so caught up in making them he never had the wife and children he wanted so bad? Will he ever find love?
      S5e29 Maja w shirt
  • Maja: Finally, Maja. I think we have all inferred that she is obvious new lead villian. Season five has a lot to do with Marcy, and Maja is Marcy's main foe right now, so it makes sense that she would become the lead villian. And now Princess Bubblegum got dragged into it because Maja has her band shirt "full of sentimental vallue". That potion she is making will not be good. ALSO, did anyone else find it creepy that she had a
    S5 e29 Marceline fighting a giant bird
    picture of one of FINN'S GREATEST FEARS - The Ghost Lady. THAT IS SKETCHY AS HELL!
    • Crabbit Familiar: Lol. He just reminds me of the flying monkies from The Wizard of Oz. It is obvious that he has good intentions and will switch to the good side eventually too.
  • Ghost Lady: OKAY. THIS LADY IS STRAIGHT UP BANAYNAYS. She is obviously important to the series because she first appears as a fairly large role in the season three episode The Creeps, then again in the season four episode King Worm, and AGAIN in the season five episode Sky Witch. One appearance per season for three seasons (so far). But why did Maja have a picture of Ghost Lady in her attic of stolen stuff? Who was it connected to? FINN. But why is Finn involved with Maja's spells? Who is the Ghost Lady and why did she only talk to Finn but not the other seven characters in the house that night in The Creeps? Some say she is Finn's mother, who drowned in the ocean (thus, Finn's fear of the ocean). BY THE WAY, THE SONG THEY TALK ABOUT BELOW IS THE ENDING CREDITS SONG, "The Island Song". EDIT ~ I'm not gonna lie, I was a little dissappointed when they made Shoko be Finn's pre-incarnation. They could have done a lot better, but I feel like that plot is going to roll right into the plot about PB's age.
  • ShelbyTree TrunksNeptrLady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess were all TOTALLY IRRELEVANT this season.

Episode Rundowns

Important Episodes

Finn The Human - Jake The Dog

All the Little People

Jake the Dad

All Your Fault - Too Old

Mystery Dungeon - Little Dude

Vault of Bones - Frost & Fire - Earth & Water

Simon & Marcy

BMO Lost


The Suitor

One Last Job

Wizards Only, Fools

Be More

Sky Witch

Frost & Fire

Earth & Water

Filler Episodes

Up a Tree


The Great Bird Man

A Glitch is a Glitch

Princess Potluck

James Baxter the Horse

The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita


Candy Streets

Jake Suit Box Prince

Red Starved

Dungeon Train

Love Games

Time Sandwich

Themes of The Season

    • The Little People
    • Little Dude / inanimate objects brought to life
    • The Pups
    • The Lemon Children
    • Fionna and Cake were ALMOST brought to life.
  • Marceline was a main theme this season, as was her past relationships with Ice King, Hambo, and PB.
  • Also, Finn has been questioning things into detail a lot more this season. In every episode, idk if I was the only one to notice or not though.
  • Guest animators were also a theme this season.