OK PEOPLE!!! WORLD WAR 3 IS OVER!!!!! Please stop it with FP+Finn and Finn+PB. Someone is going to die from all of this fighting!!! YES WE ALL KNOW ABOUT BURNING LOW!!!! She kissed he!!! So does that mean we need to argue about it? NO!!!

FP will not die in the season fanale!!! She will not even show up in it!!!! We are not sure what is happening in the future really (Well we know about Fionna and Cake 2 coming out in season 5)!!! We don't know...maybe...a main...character will die or something!!! NOBODY KNOWS!!!

OK!! Back to the main topic. PB might get back with Finn soon! I mean.... maybe something tragic will happen. We all know that Marcy and Finn are just friends. Finn like likes FP. Jake likes LR (Lady Rainicorn). ADVENTURE TIME IS NOT ALL ABOUT ROMANCE!!!!! ADVENTURE time!! Get it??? I am getting sick of these arguments. Another thing I am getting sick of is the innopropriate pictures on Google Images. When i like to draw Fp I look for a cool picture...BUT NOOOO!!!

I am just trying to be the nice guy (well I'm a girl). Alright can't wait for tonight's episode Reign of Gunters :)