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I won`t Troll.( My Gawd.)

Meh meh meh meh. Ok people. Please do`t give me trouble (I`m talking to you admins). I`ve been stressing that I won`t troll like 17 times incuding chat (Of course like always . No one ever cares what I have to say). I am very fond of rules. Without rules we would be mud eating cave men.

So really. Now I have like Felinoel on my talk page constantly when I haven`t broken a rule yet. Stop judging a book by its cover. I`m sorry If this causes "drama" but really. Really? Come on. Stop it ok. What did I do. I am the quiet one accually in case you haven`t noticed and I want to be friends with people.(That`s because I do`t have friends. There are the boys in my class that talk to me a lot but sometimes I don`t even bother.) I do`t even get emails from wikia anymore that says that someone did this are that are responded to me. Is this the way I live (You don`t even know who I am).

I only made this because I wanted to stress for the last time (hopefully) that I follow the rules. MY glob. Make a new username and people already start treating me like nothing. (That`s the crazy weirdo I am).Nyan CatPancakes Pancakes Pancakes ... U mad?GuntherDance 21:30, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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