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    You may think I'm kidding, but I assure you that I'm not. I ship something that other people might consider a crack ship, because initially it makes no sense. I ship a ship called "Paratroopa." My brother came up with that one (it's a reference to Super Mario). Paratroopas are koopas (turtles) that can fly. Obviously turtle princess is involved in this ship. The other half to my ship is; to quote 'All the Little People,' a "C- Lister." This minor character is Stormo. Yes Stormo. In case you don't remember, Stormo is the "son" of Finn created by Princess Bubblegum to stop her rogue "child", Goliad. You may be thinking "TurtlePrincess4eva, u such a losa" or "TP4evs, dat so stupid y u b crak shippen." Well I've got a surprise for you: It…

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