You may think I'm kidding, but I assure you that I'm not. I ship something that other people might consider a crack ship, because initially it makes no sense. I ship a ship called "Paratroopa." My brother came up with that one (it's a reference to Super Mario). Paratroopas are koopas (turtles) that can fly. Obviously turtle princess is involved in this ship. The other half to my ship is; to quote 'All the Little People,' a "C- Lister." This minor character is Stormo. Yes Stormo. In case you don't remember, Stormo is the "son" of Finn created by Princess Bubblegum to stop her rogue "child", Goliad. You may be thinking "TurtlePrincess4eva, u such a losa" or "TP4evs, dat so stupid y u b crak shippen." Well I've got a surprise for you: It actually makes sense. 

Lets start the explaination 

Turtle Princess is a very awkward character, who as seen in "Gotcha!" has some trouble with her love life. That is why she looks up to Lumpy Space Princess who "is so great with guys." 

Stormo never talks. That'r probably because Stormo has only has aproximately 20 seconds of screen time. From what PB has said about Stormo in "Goliad" he takes a lot after Finn in his heroism.

So picture this:

Turtle Princess is taking her break from library duty to visit PB when she sees Stormo and Goliad in their constant battle. Curious, TP gets closer. She notices how "attractive" Stormo is and starts talking to him. He never talks back, but she keeps talking to him just as if they are having a full conversation. Turtle Princess comes back to see Stormo every day during her break. She brings him picnics and writes poetry and reads him books from the library. One day, Turtle Princess come to see Stormo. TP decided to walk right in front of Stormo, breaking his concentration and unleashing Goliad. Stormo comes to and is immediately angry with TP who he has"never seen before" (of course he just scowels because that would be uncharacteristic of him to talk.) Stormo rushes for PB who immediately calls Finn and Jake. Finn and Jake are fighting Goliad as TP has a long internal monologue. Without thinking, TP grabs a sword and starts attacking Goliad. Goliad can do nothing about that because nothing really goes on in Turtle Princess's mind. Goliad is left unconscious, but is not killed becasue PB made him deathless (oops). Stormo kisses TP and goes back to Goliad, TP has another inner monologue and still visits Stormo every day.

(That is not a fanfic, more of a rough summary of what I think a future episode of AT should be)

If you are still unconvinced, just remember: It's still a better love story than Twilight.