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Baby-snaps working for the Lich?

Hasn't anybody found it strange that in Princess Cookie the snail appears in the flashback?
It's right in the orphanage where Cookie arrives, if I remember it correctly.

What does Baby-Snaps wish for? It was Bubblegum's crown. As we all now know, the gem from that crown was actually the thing required for the goal Lich was so eager to achieve. So I think we may suggest that Cookie interpreted his story in a different way or even lied, and that he works for the Lich just like the Bear did.

Bubblegum, for example, wanted to imprison the gyu in a dungeon for life. We all know that she is actually a calculative politician, so this may be a hint as well.

There was also a Cookie guy, beside whom does the Snail appear as well.

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