Sooo, looking for the clues of what has been going on around Ooo in AT appears to be so much fun. I think I have the right to give it a try.

The Enchiridion appears to be an ancient book, which allows to travel between dimentions. I assume that it was it's original purpose, since:

  • Simon found it looking just like it does with it's capabilities.
  • Ice King's crown appears to have the connection to it, originally having it's magical capabilities.

So the book itself must have been some occult project to gain access to other worlds. I assume that the Lich was one of the people behind it's creation, since he was aware of it's purpose, but this is speculation as it has no more clues.

I think we can clearly state that the origins of the travelling possibility came from the Crystal Dimention - the required items are crystalic gems and in "Crystals Have Power" Tree Trunk's present opened the portal. It is possible that humans came in contact with something from CD, which allowed them to create the gems.
GGGG also appears to be crystallic. As he is a deity in Ooo, he may originate from CD and have gained control of this very dimention after learning about what happened. He may even be the one to give humans the crystals in the past.
Gems seem also to have some sort of effect on human's mind and body, as shown on Simon and PB (mind protection). With Simon it may not be the same, since we have artifacts like Glasses of Nerdicon or Amulet of the Nightosphere which don't seem to have any crystals in them and still affect the wearer.

The other man who may have some connection to the ancient project is Hunson Abadeer. I think we can clearly state that originally he was a human - his outfit, his manners, his house in the NS, the daughter he left on Earth. We can't tell how long it took him to take over the NS, but we can assume that he got there even before the Mushroom War, as Marceline appears to be vunurable to radiation and has some demonic look by birth.
The reason why Hunson was altered may be the amulet. He also may have taken his whole house to NS to keep his memories with him, not to go crazy like IK did. But the way he learned about how to get to NS is still unclear, as transfering the does not require any crystals in contrast to what was stated above. I still believe he was able to collect the needed information from such antient sources as the Enchiridion project. He may also have been able to predict the oncoming war and make his escape, prepared to anything - after all, he seems to be a smart man.

To sum it all up, my assumptions are:

  • The Enchiridion is a product of ancient occultists' research on what got into their dimention from the crystal one. GGGG was possibly involved as well.
  • Lich may have been one of them.
  • The ways to affect people's minds and bodies with crystallic radiation and some other magical power was discovered with it.
  • Hunson Abadeer also escaped Earth, with knowledge of crystallic power or without it.

That's it for today, please disscuss and critisize me.