• Vampires and cookies

    It's 11:44 pm, i'm bored, your bored, and i dont care, you dont care, and if your still readng this your really bored. I'm a normal everyday crazy person. you know what bugs me... is people who liter, use their car to just go down the street, and dont care about our world... WELL I CARE!!!! SO STOP!!!!!!!!!! THINK.. would you like people throwing trash at you, fillin your breathin air with bad gas.. think.. THINK.

    1...2... GRAPE JELLY WITH A CHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh ya, some people think twi-fans are CRAZY and you kinda right because theres four stages; Stage 1- TWILIGHT: when they watched part 1 this is something they might say "OH MY GOD.. I NEED TO READ THE BOOKS.. I CANT WAIT FOR NEW MOON'

    Stage 2- NEW MOON: "oh sweet goodness, im team 05:21,…

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