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    girls' outfits

    February 4, 2013 by VariaresEd145WB

    Here is a problem with girls' outfits in shows and real life.

    Cheerleaders outfits are too short.

    Some clothes are too reavealing.

    If the cheerleaders' outfits are too short, it might show their underwear.

    Certain clothes reveal a bit of cleavage.

    To women

    How do you feel about these?

    To men

    Do you really think that you like this?

    This is the problem with girls' outfits these days!

    In real life and in shows!

    They should make the outfits more appropriate!

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  • VariaresEd145WB

    Ok, so the next fp episode might worry some because there is a possibilitie that finn and fp will break up.


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    Ice king discussion

    January 31, 2013 by VariaresEd145WB

    This is for talking about the ice king.

    Is he too crazy?

    Too obsessed with princesses?

    Do you think he should be simon again?

    What are your thoughts on this old wizard man?

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    Sorry, but it is true.

    The relationship is affecting the show.

    There is not as much adventure.

    Finn is too preoccupied with fp sometimes

    And now the show is more lovy dovy

    And do not get me started on fp becoming human!

    It is justs plain rediculous!

    Plus, fp is too dangerous for finn to be in a relationship with.

    Remember burning low? The world almost got destroyed by her!

    So this

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  • VariaresEd145WB

    This tells the story about how Finn came to Ooo in the first place.

    It also explains why he is afraid of the ocean.

    On a very stormy night, a boat is being hit by huge waves.

    Inside, Finn's parents ( Richard and Susan ) are putting things in a crate, while baby Finn slowly walks around.

    Susan: Are you sure Richard? The sea is very dangerous.

    Richard: It will be alright Susan, this crate will protect him.

    Baby Finn falls asleep.

    When they were done, they put baby Finn into the crate and go outside.

    They drop the crate into the ater, and watch it drift.

    Susan: Sea, let these be my last words to my baby before this storm topples the boat over. Goodbye my son, may you do great things!

    Hours later

    The crate hits the shores of Ooo, and baby Finn falls out. …

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