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I re-did his arms they were to big

This is the shadow king, originally known as Demos Necronom he was a elementalist by trade. During his travels he combated with his old master Arun'ri upon which he contracted the corruption. The corruption is a leak from a shadowy plane of unknown origin that slowly drives the afflicted insane. This however worked to make him stronger and ended up giving him powefull necromantic powers. This escalated in him to the point of him manifesting objects out of spiritual power. He then went further on to summon shadow objects. He knowing his power then attempted to claim for himself a kingdom through the forging of the Shadow Crown. This however backfired and sucked him into what he refers to as the Nether Sphere. He returned 10 days later twisted and contorted into his current form. Upon his return he was referenced to forever on by himself and all shadow beings/ spirits as the Shadow King. It is said he was once friends with the shadow king but upon the corruptions escalation to full out necromancy the Ice king decided having no other choice to seal him in the Nightosphere. He was sealed within the nightosphere for 200 years.

He has light green skin, red glowy eyes, and is about 6ft tall. He is often talking with spirits of the danmed which are hidden from mortal eyes. He generally is polite and sophistocated but he has been known in his crazier phases to commit to rituals and act quite remorseless and brutal at times. He has a "strong" dislike of princess bubblegum and has dark plans including fin. Dispite his general alignment being good he does generally sway every now and then into the Chaotic evil zone. His personallity generaly does bring him full circle but every time it seems he is evil longer than before.