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  • Wacky14


    November 17, 2012 by Wacky14

    This blog is for Cuber Graybles who's gonna be a reaccuring character.

    We will know more about him in the upcoming episodes in season 5 :

    "Five More Short Graybles" and "Another Five Short Graybles."

    If he's really from the future and how does he know Finn and the others.

    • Cuber's crystalline spaceship in the Galaxy of Flavors.
    • It's structure looks like it came from the Crystal Dimension.
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  • Wacky14

    Recurring characters !

    November 5, 2012 by Wacky14

    Cosmic Owl - It first appeared in Ice King's Imagination Zone.
    So that got me thinking of this :
    ~was that the real Cosmic Owl ? If not then does the Ice King have any knowledge about this creature ? if still no then how did he imagined it ? "Cuz he's a sociopath."

    ~was that the real Cosmic Owl ? If yes why did it appeared ? The time that this happened the Ice King was knocked unconscious so that got me thinking another thing *if Ice King was asleep therefore it could possibly a croak dream or a premonition dream* though I highly doubt this cause I still don't know how is this have anything to do or have any connection with the Imaginary Zone. Still remain the question "Why did it appeared ?" "Cuz he's a sociopath."

    - The second time it appeare…

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  • Wacky14

    Close Enough !

    November 4, 2012 by Wacky14

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  • Wacky14

    In this episode Jake says that :

    “Let me share with you a little secret on how to win the heart of a princess.”

    “It’s not easy, but you have to be persistent. You might have to defeat a demon lord and warp through several worlds. But once you do, you’ll walk up the wizard stairs and produce your magic key you got in the water world and unlock the chamber door. Then, you’ll walk right up to the princess and give her a smooch.”

    “Defeat a demon Lord” has already been done (Episode 26: Mortal Folly) and we’re about to “Warp through Several Worlds” (Season 4, Episode 13b: The Lich). The current plot points have been all laid out for us. Next stops: Water World, Wizard Stairs, and smoochville~

    Just an observation. Wacky14 (talk) 01:13, November 4, …

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