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Fired up for Monday!

Wahtur72 March 29, 2012 User blog:Wahtur72

Been waiting Day n Night for the episode named Hot to the Touch.

When i saw the Promo for AT new-new-newest Season i screamed, and did the most childish way of celebrating, made a improv song like 'Oh, Yeah, Oh Yeah, FP is gonna be in a ep.' over and over. Ah, too be young again and still have people to tell u ur being weird. 19 and still singing little songs like that oh man, what's wrong with me?? But yeah, i'm psyched for the return of Fire Princess or as I call her 'CALLIE' yes i have a name for her.

710px-Adventuretime 037 clip4
Migranes were spead around Ooo as Finn tried to make BG like-like him but she did not like him moore than a rare species brother, one evenng as Jake the dog was fed up with the longing for a 18 princess who didn't have actually ANYTHING in common with Finn the human so he went forth on a journey to the Fire Kindom with a Flame creatur named Flamo with a NY-esqe accent and he told Jake about the 13 year old princess in his home Kingdom.

Longgg story short, Finn had found a new girl to crush on, and one his age yippee!! But due to a certain dog forming in the shape of Finn back in Fire kingdom, he dumped Callie 4 seconds after she turned the 'audience' into Flambos, she nearly burned the tree house down and the portait of the (20%) Lovely Princess BG. But if you aske me we'll be seeing her around a lot. Tsk. Aww, Finn she's the one!

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