Like i sad recently, chat tags are probraly all dead, but thats not true!

Not all, for now i know that the "text colour", "text size" are working, axcept all the "text formact" codes and the "background color".

So yeah, this blog is not more completelly useless...

Chat can be fancy depending of you! *winks to de walrus*

First one is a simple guide of how to use the chat tags, the second one is the emoticon list.

Just use the copy tool and paste it as chat menssage (it wont work on PM). Dont forget to not spam them.

For now, try to not use the [img] code, it is broken, so it wont work.



Sayin' Hello

  • [small][c red]Hello[/c][c orange]Belove[/c][c yellow]Sexy[/c]K[c lightgreen]Gais![/c][/small]

When chat is Dead

  • [small][c red] This[/c][c orange] Chat[/c][c yellow] Is[/c][c lightgreen] Wallling[/c][c lightblue] Dead! [/c][/small]


  • [small][c red] Bye[/c][c orange] Mah[/c][c yellow][s]Beautiful[/s][/c][c lightgreen] Lovers[/c][c lightblue] <3 <3 [/c][/small][*bg black]

For Awesome Hai

Saying Hai to People

  • [*bg yellow] [c black] Hi Bizz! [/c]  Bizz
  • [*bg pink] [c black] Hi Cara! [/c]  Cara
  • [*bg lightblue] [c blue] Hi PG! [/c]  PG
  • [*bg Red] [c yellow] Hi Flambo! [/c]  Flambo
  • [*bg Black] [c white] Hi Fablefire! [/c]  Fablefire
  • [*bg Blue] [c white] Hi Cadox [/c]  Cado
  • [*bg Black] [c purple] Hi FM [/c] Finny

(say me to do yours if u want)

Dead Quotes

  • [f serif] cannot breathe [/f]
  • [f serif][b]You do breaked my heart </3[/b][/f]
  • [bg grey][big][c white] </3 [/c][/big][*bg black]

Sexy Texts

  • [f Comic Sans MS][c pink]Im sexy. [/c] [/f]
  • [b]Hey Babe ;o[/b]
  • [*bg purple][sp]Cadox, lets ride a walrus![/sp]

Background Menssage

  1. [*bg red]
  2. [*bg orange]
  3. [*bg yellow]
  4. [*bg lightgreen]
  5. [*bg green]
  6. [*bg lightblue]
  7. [*bg blue]
  8. [*bg purple]
  9. [*bg brown]
  10. [*bg grey]
  11. [*bg black]
  12. [*bg white]

Middle Honk Formula

  • [big][big][big][b]HONK[/b][/big][/big][/big]
  • [big][big][big][big][big][b]DONT[/b][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big]
  • [big][big][big][big][big][b]HONK[/b][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big]
  • [big][big][big][big][big][b]im sexy[/b][/big][/big][/big][/big][/big]

Nonsense Sector

  • [i][i][i]insanity[/i][/i][/i]
  • [f Comic Sans MS][c red]Music is so loud[/c] [c orange] you cant[/c] [c yellow] listen to the[/c] [c lightgreen] universe fall[/c] [c lightblue] apart [/c][/f]
  • User:Beemo

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