aka Baku

  • I live in A self called nowhere.
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is Multimedia Arts
  • I am A guy, acting like a kid.
  • WaterDemonBaku

    So some of you may or may not know that I've been working on some music stuff for about a month. Welp, it's finally done and I can show you it.

    It was meant for another wiki, but I felt as if you guys should hear it as well if you wanted to.

    There's no need to comment so much on it, just it being here for everyone to see it is good enough.


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  • WaterDemonBaku

    Music Rambles

    October 14, 2014 by WaterDemonBaku

    Hello everyone again. I was not in an okay mood when I decided to write this so bear with me for this. Ima taking a class on Jazz Improvisation and wanted something to do with it outside of studying. This will be upadated as I get my assignments, quizzes and shenanigans done. Also excuess me for some music talk you might not understand.

    Welp, this week's load isn't as heavy. I don't have any quizzes and I won't be graded on the assignment. I went on the forums and talked with a few other students about why we are taking the class and ourselves.

    I should say, people are a lot more friendly now since the last time I took the class.

    For week one, I have to describe a piano solo as if I am talking to a beginning improviser. Like the style, the time f…

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  • WaterDemonBaku

    Chat Being Annoying

    September 4, 2014 by WaterDemonBaku

    Hi all. Just wanted to post this real quick for those unaware or confused.

    Recently, you have probably been having some issues with Chat loading overall. This has happened before, but some other things are going on as well.

    To explain thses, I'm gonna use magical color lines that look like things.

    The image above is just a normal text in chat. But these issues can mess with this a lot.

    One issue is lag. Some messages can take a few seconds, to almost 10, to not sending out at all.

    Now an even bigger glitch is like a transporting error, as I call it. It seems to be resolved but keep your heads up. I'll explain it.

    The image above is what we want, right? Now for a moment, Imagine chatting normally and then when you send in "What people do for a li…

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  • WaterDemonBaku

    So, I got my PC sound fixed after a few months.

    Ima thinking of making some kind of Album based around Adventure Time.


    For one, I'm not sure if I'm gonna actually do this completely. Chances are 70 to 100 for me doing it. There's still some doubt...

    What genre? Maybe something based heavily on synths, something punk? Pop? (Oh lard...)

    Another thing is the mood, the feeling of the album. Something simplistic or something that arches into a story?

    There's some other stuff too hat I need to go over. Make some art to help promote it in a sense, I'd like to animate a video of some sorts, the name I will use if it gets out, and there's some more stuff I'd have to think over later.

    I've got like, 3 songs semi done, ma…

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  • WaterDemonBaku

    Life Advice

    August 28, 2014 by WaterDemonBaku

    Need some help?

    Not sure how to progress in life?

    Have no fear, we have a fix.

    Generate a pair, instant life advice. Original idea by Thiagovscoelho .

    Post your results in the comments below.

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