Chat Being Annoying

Hi all. Just wanted to post this real quick for those unaware or confused.

Recently, you have probably been having some issues with Chat loading overall. This has happened before, but some other things are going on as well.

To explain thses, I'm gonna use magical color lines that look like things.

Example one

The image above is just a normal text in chat. But these issues can mess with this a lot.

One issue is lag. Some messages can take a few seconds, to almost 10, to not sending out at all.

Now an even bigger glitch is like a transporting error, as I call it. It seems to be resolved but keep your heads up. I'll explain it.

The image above is what we want, right? Now for a moment, Imagine chatting normally and then when you send in "What people do for a living", instead, you get:

Example two

It shows up as someone completely different.

And you are sent to a completely different chat room.


Another issue is getting a message saying you can't enter the chat. If you have been banned before, you know what it looks like. And also getting the "You have connected from another browser." when you clearly haven't.

Why is this happening? Why? WHY? We pay taxes!

The reason is simple. It's because of a new Wikia server that's been acting up. So before anyone asks here, these are not hackers. Just server issues.

Now there isn't an official estimation on when this is going to be fixed, but it shouldn't go on for months considering what we know now.

So try to bear with Wikia for now till this gets fixed, and have a nice day. -WaterFront3000 'A sweet sensation over the dub'-

Offical update by Sannse, Wikia staff, can be found here.