Hello everyone again. I was not in an okay mood when I decided to write this so bear with me for this. Ima taking a class on Jazz Improvisation and wanted something to do with it outside of studying. This will be upadated as I get my assignments, quizzes and shenanigans done. Also excuess me for some music talk you might not understand.

Week 1

Welp, this week's load isn't as heavy. I don't have any quizzes and I won't be graded on the assignment. I went on the forums and talked with a few other students about why we are taking the class and ourselves.

I should say, people are a lot more friendly now since the last time I took the class.

For week one, I have to describe a piano solo as if I am talking to a beginning improviser. Like the style, the time feel and some contrasts between different sections of the song. I already finished it earlier today, so woo.

Part two of the assignment. I have to take the same song and improvise a solo. I have to rig up my microphone and piano tomorrow and pray nothing goes wrong. It shouldn't be too hard since I kinda know what I'm doing the second time around, and I got one week to finish it up.

I can link it here > ( ) < when it's done.

Well, I'll update this when I get that solo done and some other things as well.

Update 1: Ya know, doing this blog keeps me motivated in doing this class.

So I found out I need a score of 70 out of 100 to pass. The quizzes and assignments are split up on the scores, with the quizzes being 30 and the assignments being 70, I'm confident I can get the quizzes done so all I need to do is get 40 on the assignments for a passing grade.

Right now, I'm looking into recording part 2 of my assignment. I have to use some other means of recording because I can't use a mic rigged up to my Piano because of all the freaking background noise... Nonetheless, I have some programs on my PC that should work.

If I can get it done today, I'll be free for the next week.

Update 2: Well, I got all my work done for this week. I'll update it later if something comes up. You can hear my assignment on the link above.