So, I got my PC sound fixed after a few months.

Ima thinking of making some kind of Album based around Adventure Time.


For one, I'm not sure if I'm gonna actually do this completely. Chances are 70 to 100 for me doing it. There's still some doubt...

What genre? Maybe something based heavily on synths, something punk? Pop? (Oh lard...)

Another thing is the mood, the feeling of the album. Something simplistic or something that arches into a story?

There's some other stuff too hat I need to go over. Make some art to help promote it in a sense, I'd like to animate a video of some sorts, the name I will use if it gets out, and there's some more stuff I'd have to think over later.

I've got like, 3 songs semi done, maybe it'll happen and maybe someone could throw in their opinion.

Would you like an album based around Adventure Time?

Update: I might stick to a cover album so I don't overwhelm myself.